How is this book unique?

During the process of creating The Tar Heel Book, many people who know the UNC basketball scene well, advised us to make sure Tar Heel fans know what makes this book unique and special. Why does a Carolina fan need another book?

The UNC men's basketball program is one of the most successful sports programs, at any level, for a long period of time. Many books have been written about Tar Heel basketball and Dean Smith particularly. We have enjoyed all of these books. The Tar Heel book is unique and stands apart for several reasons. 

  1. This is the first and only book that tells the story of the beginnings of Tar Heel mens basketball. How did it begin? How did it become so successful?
  2. The story of every team and season starting with the first team in 1911 is detailed in the book. Each season features the team picture, roster, stats, won-loss record and rarely, if ever, seen pics. Every player for each team is identified. This book has for the first time identified and documented every player who ever played in a UNC game. 
  3. The author and creator, Ron Smith, has followed UNC basketball intently for almost 60 years. Ron was blessed with a photographic memory which has enabled him to do targeted and relevant research that helped uncover unique insights and historical artifacts about Tar Heel basketball. I'm certain that no other sports program has the rich history along with a person motivated and equipped to accumulate the information needed to tell the whole story - season by season. 
  4. Most Tar Heel fans know all about Dean Smith, Michael Jordan, Phil Ford, James Worthy, Tyler Hansbrough, Joel Berry, Luke May and probably even Lenny Rosenbluth. But, do they know about key individuals who helped form the foundation of success? Cart Carmichael, Meb Long, Frank McGuire, Tommy Kearns, John Dillon, Bob Rose, George Glamack, and Jack Cobb? And, you may know about Larry Brown, but, do you know why a kid from Brooklyn, NY decided to head south to play for UNC? The Tar Heel Book- Volume I- tells about these pioneers along with many others who built the foundation of success that has continued to this day. 
  5. Unique and rare pictures! If a picture is worth 1000 words then this book has over a million words. Ron has tracked down photographers who have covered UNC basketball over the years and obtained pictures that have never been published or not seen in years. The stories are interesting and engaging, but, the pictures are worth the investment by themselves. 

This book- Volume I- is a creative presentation of over 50 years of material. It has taken a massive amount of work to pull it all together. Ron Smith has dedicated himself to writing this book out of a true labor of love for UNC Men's Basketball. It is a gift for the thousands of devoted Tar Heel fans. This book is a Coffee Table Book, a Reference Book, A History Book and a Collectable.

Several notable Tar Heel greats have reviewed the Tar Heel Book. You can check out what they say in the testimonials section on this site. One, Art Chansky, who has written many great Tar Heel books himself, said it best- "it is a must for any fan who gives a damn about Carolina!"

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