What Do Tar Heel Greats Say About The Tar Heel Book?

Larry Brown is a  Tar Heel legend. After playing for the Tar Heels from 1960-1963 he became a Hall of Fame College and NBA coach. Coach Brown wrote the Forward for the book. He, Phil Ford, Dave Chadwick and Dave Hanners each had a chance to review an advance copy of The Tar Heel Book. Here are their comments: 

Larry Brown - UNC 1960-1963

"I'm very happy to be a part of The Tar Heel book by Ron Smith.  Everything I know about basketball I learned from Coach McGuire and Coach Smith.  Because of their influence and guidance I was able to spend a lifetime coaching and teaching.  And Roy is carrying on that tradition.  I'm pleased to be a part of the Carolina family and The Tar Heel book is the best way I know to see how it all happened."

Phil Ford - UNC 1974-1978

Phil Ford, ACC Player of the Year

"You have got to get this book if you are a North Carolina basketball fan.  I’ve never seen a book with so many great never seen before pictures.  I thought I knew all about the Carolina-Duke rivalry but now I know it goes back a lot longer than I thought.  Lots of other great stories and detailed season by season recap are fantastic.  It’s a must have."

Dave Chadwick - UNC 1968-1971

"I’ve known Ron for over 40 years and his memory for Carolina basketball is amazing. I remember one of our first conversations. We talked about my senior year, the South Carolina games, the NIT championship. I think he remembered just about every game from that season. And that’s what the book is about: Great memories of Carolina basketball.  I'm so grateful for all of Ron's hard work to walk us through a memory lane of UNC basketball.  It's a trip many of us look forward to taking."  

Dave Hanners - UNC 1972-1976

"As a former player and coach at UNC  I know a lot about Carolina basketball.  But this book has things in it that I never knew before.  If you think you have all the books ever written about basketball at UNC your collection isn’t complete without this one."


Along with these great Tar Heel's, a couple of notable North Carolina sports writers. Art Chansky and Ron Green, Jr., made these comments after reviewing the book.

Art Chansky - UNC Class of 1970

Near-lifetime Tar Heels aficionado fan Ron Smith has completed the first of his trilogy on UNC basketball, a labor of love for him and a gift to Carolina fans everywhere. This is well beyond the definitive series on a storied basketball program, it is a deeper dive than anything -- and there have been millions of words -- written on the subject. It is a treasure trove of games and players that come alive, including color photos of the sacred 1957 season, which is covered in part by the play-by-play of the radio broadcast that ends with the legendary call from Bill Jackson, "We Win!" This book wins, as will the next two editions, and is a must for any fan who gives a damn about Carolina!

Ron Green, Jr - UNC Grad - NC Sports Writer & Author

"North Carolina basketball is a way of life for many, a passion and tradition passed down from generation to generation. It's about moments and memories and in this rich, detailed history of the program, Ron Smith has captured more than the details of what happened and who made it happen. He has captured the spirit of the program and what it means to so many."



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  • When will VolumeII be available?
    Thank you – Volume I was a bit hit!

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