The Tar Heels Vol II update

Ron is working hard now on Vol II and is making great progress. Vol II will include even more great photos and more first hand stories from players and coaches who worked closely with Dean Smith. Among those who are helping are Phil Ford, Dave Hanners, Larry Brown, Billy Cunningham, Rusty Clark, Eddie Fogler, Larry Miller, Curry Kirkpatrick to name a few. 

Vol I is being well received and almost everyone who get the book in hand, buys another copy for another Tar Heel fan they know. It will always be a special and unique book as it covers the foundation and early days of the program. Vol II will be as good for different reasons. There are more photos available for this period and more living players and coaches who are eager to share their memories of Coach Smith. We expect to have Vol II available to pre-order by Dec 2022. 

Thanks for your support. We hope everyone has a great finish to 2021. 

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