The Tar Heels Vol II is Progressing Well

The Tar Heels Vol I continues to sell well and get great reviews. Everyone loves the book and they all quickly ask "When is Volume II coming out? We can't wait!  

We can't wait either. Ron is hard at work and well on target to hit our goal of releasing Volume II late this year. The book begins with Dean Smith's first year as head coach in 1962. Dean finished 8-9 in his first year. Our new coach Hubert Davis should have over 20 wins in his first year. 

Volume II will have many more pictures than Volume I and Volume I had plenty. And even though though it covers fewer seasons - 17 - vs the 50 seasons covered in Volume I, the number of pages will still be over 400. There is SO MUCH incredible material to include. 

Lennie Rosenbluth called the Tar Heels Volume I - "The Mona Lisa of Tar Heels books". I'm not sure what painting Leonardo Di Vinci's Mona Lisa, but, I know it will be another great book because Ron Smith is the Leonardo Di Vinci of Tar Heel Basketball.  

As any Tar Heel fan knows, Volume II will feature the great Tar Heel Charlie Scott. Here is the Volume II cover with Scott about to dribble out of the picture. 


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