Bob Young (57 Championship Game Unsung Hero) Loves The Tar Heels Vol I

Bob Young played for Frank McGuire's Tar Heels from 1955-1957. Young was a 6"6' center and a starter on the 1955 team. In the 1957 NCAA Championship game against Wilt Chamberlain's Kansas Jayhawks, Tar Heel MVP Lennie Rosenbluth fouled out with 1:58 remaining in regulation. Young entered the game to replace Rosenbluth with 1:55 remaining and the Tar Heels down by 4 points. The game ended up going 3 over times and Young played a pivotal role in the Tar Heel's 54-53 victory. This game was the championship game, the final victory in the 32-0 season and, probably the most exciting game in UNC history. The story of this game includes a play-by-play description that makes you feel you are at the game. 

Here are a couple of pages from the 1957 season that show the detail that is covered in this 3 OT game and a portion of the key role that Bob Young played. 

 Young recently received a copy of The Tar Heels Vol I. Here are his comments about the book:

 "I’ve gotten immense enjoyment delving into the history of UNC BASKETBALL. Growing up during the WAR YEARS I was particularly drawn to that period when everyone played using strapped leather knee pads. Having spent countless hours in Woollen Gym I felt a tinge of guilt for not knowing about Charles Thomas Woollen and how much he meant to the University. I’ve learned that he was the embodiment of the North Carolina motto, TO BE, RATHER THAN TO SEEM. Sad that this landmark building seems to have been forgotten and apparently underused by the student body. Woollen was the home court of our 1957 Championship team. Seating was removed after games in order for students to participate in intramural sports and other Varsity sports activities including wrestling and gymnastics.
Other moments of reflection from that time frame include Ben Carnevale and the important role he played in the life and career of Coach Frank McGuire. Also, unearthing the fact that Bronx born Bobby Gersten who played during the war years went on to scout for Coach McGuire recruiting  Jerry Vayda and Larry Brown. These are among the many gems appearing throughout this wonderful journey of TAR HEEL basketball. Should be compulsory reading for every player who puts on a basketball uniform representing UNC." THANKS, BOB YOUNG, 1957 NCAA CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM.
Book reviews don't get much better than this. 
Thank you, Bob Young, for your incredible contribution to Tar Heel History and Tradition. And, for this very special review of the book. 

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